This document is subject to change. I may modify portions of this calendar of assignments to adjust to issues in the classroom, your learning needs, availability of resources, changes in university or department policy, or other pedagogical reasons. When changes occur they will be announced and changed on this page.

Initially, this schedule shows only readings from our textbook, weekly journal prompts, and major project due dates. Daily activities are mapped out only in the broadest of strokes. I will add details (supplemental readings, homework activities, daily plans, etc.) as we go, always keeping the schedule at least a couple of weeks ahead of us so that you can read ahead and budget your time as needed. Just before each class meeting, I’ll add a new blog post with the day’s class plans, linked to the relevant date, below.

If you are absent, start here to see what you missed!

Class/Big Idea

Writing Projects Readings

Class Overview

Week 1:
August 29th



Introductions (to class and each other), Discussion: Goals, Needs, Worries. Locating resources (ie needed forms, esp for degree/goals) Inviting ESFL (and other) guests. Starting Portfolio 1.

Week 2:

September 5th



Degree plan + goals statement due.

Area 2, Part 1 (Read-around) and 2 (FFA) assigned.


Readings: “An Open Letter to New Graduate Students”“What predicts grad school success?” + “How to Be a Successful Grad Student: Insider Advice” “You’ll Need Different Study Skills for Graduate School vs. College” +“Creating a Research Agenda” +“!2 Tips for Surviving and Thriving in Grad School”“10 Unwritten Rules for Success in Grad School” + “We are not Imposters”

Take the High5 test to consider your strengths. (Just do the free version. You don’t have to purchase anything. Save your results!) If you want to buy a fuller report of this type, I’d suggest CliftonStrengths.

Discussion of readings. Professional documents portfolio workshop (revision of goals statement). Explore our next two writing assignment (Note: I’ve reversed the order and slightly shifted due dates. See the class plan for details.)



Week 3:

September 12




McComiskey, Ch. 1-3 and Hayot, 1-3


Faculty Visitors (6-7 pm); Discussion of reading. Writing workshop (time permitting).

Week 4:

September 19



Field-forum-audience analysis due McComiskey, Ch. 4-6


Booth, The Craft of Research, “From Topics to Questions” + “From Questions to a Problem” (35-65)

Faculty Visitors (6-7 pm); Discussion of reading. Writing workshop (time permitting).

Week 5:

September 26





Browse/explore/read conference proceedings: Making the Connection: Language and Academic Achievement among African American Students. Proceedings of a Conference of the Coalition on Language Diversity in Education OR Conference Proceedings, Center for the Study of Rhetoric in Society OR Rhetorics Change/Rhetoric’s Change (RSA, 2016) OR find one of your own!

Search the internet and see if you can find examples of people delivering conference talks (preferably in our field).

Locate a CFP (or two or three) for conference you are interested in. Search their websites for old convention programs (to read the abstracts for sessions).



Discussion of readings. Conference proposal and c.v. workshop.

Week 6:

October 3rd



Read-around due to Blackboard before class time. Assign research project package. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Parts I and II) Discussion of read-arounds. Discussion of reading. Exploring research project. Research proposal workshop.

Week 7:

October 10th



Readaround due

Field-forum-audience analysis due. Assign mapping exercise.


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Exploration of FFAs. Discussion of reading. Exploring mapping exercise. Research workshop.

Week 8:

October 17th



Research proposal due. Read: Criticism and commentary on Henrietta Lacks. Your readings will be drawn from our shared working bib.

Write: You are asked to annotate two of these readings (one you found, and one found by a classmate. See the 10/10 class plan for more details.)

Brainstorming workshop (re. your research proposal). Exploring conference possibilities. Continued discussion of Lacks, research ethics?

Week 9:

October 24th



Conference proposal due: We decided to move this to the same due date as the annotated bib (11/14), giving you more time to think what you wanna say!



Booth, The Craft of Research, “Engaging Sources” (84-99)  and “Making Good Arguments” (108-119) + explore c.v. resources: “Writing and Rewriting the c.v.” + “Learning from Other’s CVs” + “Sharing Success in New Ways” + “To Get Job Outside Academe, Focus Résumé on Real-World Experience” Professional documents workshop: cv. (Upload yours to Blackboard so I can give you feedback on them, too!)

Research workshop

Week 10:

October 31st



Mapping exercise due Project canceled. Percentage reallocated per class vote. Booth, The Craft of Research, “Making Claims” (120-29) and “Acknowledgements and Responses” (139-151) + readings on research statement +Skim and scan the following: 1) on the research statement: “Research Statement”  (Duke)+ + “Research Statement” (Cornell) + “Dr. Karen’s Rules of the Research Statement”  + + “Sample Teaching and Research Statements” +  “17+ Research Statement Examples”  + “Statement of Research Interests: Thomas Wenisch” 2) on social media use and academic work/life: “Why You Need Your Own Academic Website” + “Why do Academics Use Academic Social Networking Sites”  + “The A to Z of Social Media for Academia” + “The Education Twitterati” Professional documents workshop: statement of research interests. Make sure you have access to all the things you’ve already written this term to help you with this document. Exploring academic social media. 

NOV. 5TH, 12:30-2:30 

Mock Interview Event (Required. 10% of course grade) (Event Flyer)

Week 11:

November 7th

Lacks Family visits campus today!



Booth, The Craft of Research, “Warrants” (152-69) + Hayot 8, 9, 10, 11 (?)



Research and writing workshop.


Week 12:

November 14th

Dr. L will be out of state for a conference. We’ll have an online class tonight.



Annotated Bibliography (12+ items with critical introduction) + conference proposal due to Blackboard. (Date extended to 11:59 pm Sunday 11/18.) Hayot 13-17  


Week 13:

November 21st

No class.

Hayot 18-21 Happy Thanksgiving!

Week 14:

November 28th



Finish Hayot 18-21, and the rest! Peer review workshop. Bring a draft!


Week 15:

December 5th



Readings TBA (community outreach, public scholarship, marketing)

How to do conferences

Portfolio workshop, Peer Review Workshop

Finals Week (6-8:50 pm, Wednesday, 12/12)


Digital Portfolio (contains c.v., statement of research interests, annotated bibliography, conference paper) Conference presentations (and celebration!)