Final Portfolio

Mock Conference (plus final reminders)

Click here for the conference program!

I’ve set up a sort of informal conference program for you all. This includes each presenter’s proposal, as well as a link to the CFP they are responding to. (This will be important for context, as they are pretty much all different.)

We will take a brief break between each panel, which will give you time to refresh your coffee, chat with the authors, or explore our installation.

Thanks for joining us tonight! We really appreciate it.

Presentation feedback

I’d like to invite all attendees to provide some feedback for tonight’s presenters. There’s an online form set up to make this easy. Please grab a Surface, and navigate to it as we’re getting started.

Students, please:

  • Send me a link to your portfolio via Blackboard by midnight tonight.
    • If you are not comfortable posting your conference paper in an openly accessible online portfolio, please feel free to simply include your paper and presentation materials alongside the portfolio.
    • If you are setting your portfolio up as a private Google drive folder or similar, don’t forget to give me access to that.
  • Please take this survey, part of our study on the DCL, and its use and impact.
Final Portfolio

Final “exam” period stuff

I keep forgetting to give you all the notes re. the panel groups formed for tomorrow night. Here you go!

I honestly do not know if we will have an audience, other than each other (which is fine with me! I guess we will see.) Remember: keep it short, so you all have time (and we will have time to visit about your work, too).

The Blackboard dropbox for your work is open. If you have created a private google drive, just for you to archive things, that’s fine; just be sure to give me permission. If you have created an open site, but you are not comfortable putting your conference paper up on it, that’s okay; just include the conference paper and presentation materials separately in your upload to Blackboard. I’ll give you until midnight on the 12th to get everything uploaded there.

We will meet in our room, at the normal class time. See you then! (If you want to bring treats to share/make it feel like a party, feel free. I don’t think I’ll manage time to bake–sorry–but I’ll bring coffee!)


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Research Statement, Social Media Use, and Workshopping!

Catching up: Interviews, Lacks Family visit


I’m not sure how much we’ll need to refer back to these tonight, but I wanted them handy, so:

Sharing Drafts: Research Statement

Let’s begin by seeing what you’ve done so far with research statements. Do you want to work in pairs, small groups, or as a class?

Social Media Use in the Academy

As part of our online class last week, you were asked to do some thinking/exploring on social media use in the academy. What did you find? (…should we add them to the resources page?) What do you think? What ideas do you have? What concerns do you have?

Workshop time!

Some options:

  • Do you need/want to workshop conference proposals?
  • Should we concentrate on research/writing (feeding into your annotated bib, due next week, and your conference paper?)
  • Do we want to explore professional portfolios?

One I’m thinking about for the near future

  • Some practice in public speaking. Do you want to practice delivering conference papers?

For next week

  • I will be at CRCon at MSU, so we will not be meeting. Your annotated bib + your conference proposal. (please include the CFP!) is due to Blackboard that week. Because I’ll be traveling, I’ll give you a bit of extra time on it: please post it by 11:59 pm on Sunday 11/18.


Annotated Bib, Area 3, Conference Proposal, Final Portfolio

Professional Documents (2:2)-ONLINE class

As discussed, we’ve moved tonight’s class online to give you some space to celebrate Halloween. Please find a few hours this week to engage in what we would otherwise have done together tonight, detailed below.

Generate a draft of your statement of research interests

This will be one of the items I want to see in your final portfolio (alongside your c.v. and conference paper). The purpose in having you write this is to try to articulate your research interests, goals, and plans for the next few years. (I know many of you plan to do alt-ac work after your degree. That’s fine. You’ll be doing research while you’re here, though, and presumably you want your research interests to connect to and inform the work you plan to do later, so this gives you a chance to map yourself from here to there.)

In working on this, please go back and make use of the readings/resources assigned for this week, linked below for your convenience. You might also do some googling and see if you can find samples from scholars you admire and/or scholars working in your interest areas.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to email me, or stop by this week. (I’ll be in the lab/CFO 104 on Friday from 9-12, then in the Professional Development workshop in CFO 129 from 1-3).

As you write this, remember what all you’ve already written! Your goals statement and the Field-Forum-Audience analysis should help with this. (If you get really stuck, you might find it generative to do a map, like the assignment we cut.)

Bring your draft with you next week so we can give you feedback!

Explore social media use in the academy

Based on our discussion the last few weeks, I thought we should talk about social media use as an academic. To that end, I gave you a few readings. The goal of them was to set up a conversation, and some exploration, this week. Please take some time to poke around and see how others are using social media for self-promotion, scholarship, and/or teaching. We can converse some here, or we can save them until we get back next week. I’m curious about your findings and your thoughts. (Would you all like to have a workshop setting up online portfolios next week? I’m happy to teach you how to use WordPress for this, and to suggest other possibilities, too. Let me know in the comments, okay?)

Work on your conference proposal/annotated bib

Bring the CFP and your conference proposal draft for feedback next week.

How is your research going? Are there questions regarding the annotated bib? Are you finding what you need? How can I/we help you?

For next time

Annotated Bib, Area 3, Conference Proposal, Final Portfolio

Professional Documents (1:2) + Conference Proposal Workshop


Did you all get registered for the upcoming mock interview?

(I got a list last week, and it didn’t have all of you on it. If you want, I’ll pull it up and check your status at the time of receipt?)

C.V. workshop

Your final portfolio will need to include some professional documents, including a c.v. and a statement of research/professional interests. I want, then, to spend some time workshopping these with you.

C.V.s can take on different organizational schemes, depending on the type of school working at/applied to. Some academics also put a lot of effort into visually branding themselves through this document. For others, it’s kind of plain Jane document.

Often this is not even wholly up to the academic. For example, I have two version of mine: one using TWU’s format, which doesn’t even allow for bold subheadings, and one I’ve tweaked. I used to even have heavily designed mastheads on these documents, but the internal TWU format doesn’t allow for that now. Despite that, I have seen the more carefully designed c.v.s (NOT the ones that look like ours) receive a warmer reception when we are determining which applicants we might want to know more about. (It doesn’t GET you the job, but it CAN help you stand out. Note that you can stand out in the wrong ways, too, though, and be very thoughtful about your choices in design. In my “tweaked TWU format cv” I’ve only broken “the rules” in ways that I think help the reader, and I pick and choose when to use which version very carefully.

C.V. Readings

“Writing and Rewriting the c.v.” + “Learning from Other’s CVs” + “Sharing Success in New Ways” + “To Get Job Outside Academe, Focus Résumé on Real-World Experience”

C.V. Samples

TWU’s terrible template

C.V. Resources

  • “Am I My Vita?” (The Chronicle of Higher Ed)
  • “The CV Doctor” (Series,  The Chronicle of Higher Ed)
  • “From CV to 1-­‐Page  Résumé” (The Chronicle of Higher Ed. On modifying  your c.v. for                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           non-­‐academic positions.)
  • “How to Make Your Application Stand Out” (The Chronicle of Higher Ed)
  • “How to Write CVs” (The Professor is In)

Sample Résumés

Résumé Resources

Setting up Professional Portfolio space

At some point, you will want a professional portfolio (if only to hang on to materials you may use later in your writing, or to choose from when it comes time to submit your exit portfolio, required for programmatic assessment. That exit portfolio includes writing samples–usually, but not always, a chapter from your thesis. When you chose something else for the writing sample, you are expected to include the assignment sheet. Archiving it all can therefore be pretty handy. We’ll set up an archive in Google docs today (if you haven’t already) so you’ll have someplace to keep these, long term.

Portfolios created for professional purposes (like the job market) tend to be housed online (I have used both custom built sites on my own or university domains, and WordPress, for this). I want to take the opportunity to LOOK at some online portfolios, and brainstorm how you might want to represent yourself moving forward.


Conference Proposal Assignment (due 11/14, with annotated bib)

  • Write a proposal to an academic or professional conference, chosen by you for its suitability for the work proposed. The length of the proposal will be determined by the CFP (call for papers). Attach a copy of the CFP to your proposal when you hand it in.
    • You do not have to actually submit to this conference. You will, however, actually write this conference paper and create whatever supporting documents are necessary for presenting this work during our final exam period. This work will also form the centerpiece of your final portfolio, so be sure to document your research and writing processes as you go; you may want that process material available for your portfolio as well.

What conferences have you chosen? Are you really submitting? When is the CFP due? Did you bring drafts to share (or would you benefit from some time brainstorming or writing)?

Discussion of reading (Booth) and next steps

For next time

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Professional Self-Representation

Thinking about Conferences

In our “Area 3: On Research and Writing” assignment sequence, you are asked to develop a research proposal (due 10/17), a conference proposal (due 10/24), and an annotated bibliography (due 11/14, supporting a conference paper due in the final portfolio). To get us started thinking on this work, you were asked to do the following:

Let’s discuss your exploration of conference proceedings. (I’ve brought with me some sample conference programs for your perusal. Don’t let me forget to hand them around!)

Writing a Conference Proposal

What conferences did you find that you might be interested in? (Let’s play with creating a proposal for it!) Here’s the basic framework I was taught:

C.V. Workshop

One of the documents you will include in your final portfolio is your c.v. I wanted, then, to spend some time working on these together. Please put together a c.v. (or revise your existing c.v.). In the next week or so, I’ll open a dropbox so you can hand these in to me for feedback. Let’s walk through some samples (and resources) to help you with this process.

CV Samples

CV Resources

Sample Résumés:

Résumé Resources:

Considering Portfolios

Do you have a digital portfolio? Where? What’s its purpose? What is in it? How might you need to retool (or remake) it going forward?

Looking Ahead: Field-Forum-Audience Analysis

For next time:

  • Read from The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (How far should we read? We have two weeks to cover the whole thing. I’m thinking Parts I and II?)
  • As you read, consider: 1) What conversations might people in your field be having about this text? 2) How does it connect to your own interests?
Area 2, Class Plan, Field-forum-audience, Final Portfolio, Methodology Map, Read-around

Setting goals (and taking names)


Syllabus Change

Tonight, we start Area 2. Note that I’ve reversed parts 1 and 2, and shifted due dates slightly from what was in the syllabus. Below, you’ll see the due dates for all major writing projects this term. (We will also do some smaller assignments, like creating or revising a c.v., mostly in class workshops.) You can see that Areas 2 and 3 will overlap slightly.


Discussion of readings

“An Open Letter to New Graduate Students”“What predicts grad school success?”+ “How to Be a Successful Grad Student: Insider Advice” “You’ll Need Different Study Skills for Graduate School vs. College”+“Creating a Research Agenda”+“!2 Tips for Surviving and Thriving in Grad School”“10 Unwritten Rules for Success in Grad School”+ “We are not Imposters”

Did any of you take a strengths quiz of any sort? Which one? What did it say? What do you think of that? What strengths do you bring with you as you begin the work ahead of you?

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 4.24.28 PM
Dr. L’s HighFive results

Our Course Website + Locating Resources

  • I said we’d return to the questions of whether or not to lock or WordPress spaces, and whether you all want to be authors on the site. What do you think?
  • What resources do you think you need? What resources might we have on campus, or locally? Should we spend some time looking for them, and linking them to our resources page? What needs remain?

Professional documents portfolio workshop:
discussion & revision of goals statement

At the end of the term, you’ll set up a digital portfolio, to include a number of items. In support of that portfolio, we will be building on the goals statement you handed in tonight. This document might turn into several others: a cover letter for your final portfolio, a statement of professional interests for that, or…? it might also help you articulate your interests in ways that lead to a research question, or even trajectory. “Just” articulating and planning towards achieving goals  is a pretty necessary academic genre, required in some promotion and tenure processes.

When I assigned this, we left it pretty open. I’d like to invite you now to add details (maybe?) and to continue thinking through and building on these ideas. Check out the addendum to the prompt, here, which I hope will assist you. You don’t have to have a revision of this done anytime soon. We are just going to see what this document turns into between now and the final portfolio. I’ll be returning your writing (with comments) next week.

Exploring “Area 2: Getting to Know the Field”

Let’s take a few minutes to look over the prompts for your next writing assignments (or perhaps the next two?) and then talk through your questions and ideas. I’ve done this assignment sequence myself: they come to you through one of my mentors, Dr. Malea Powell (and I even dug out my responses to them for your amusement). Then I thought we might spend some time workshopping these in whatever ways seem helpful to you all. (We might start by doing some brainstorming and exploring together, then gathering into groups according to your programs and interests?)

Planning for our guests

I thought it might be a good idea to come up with a list of questions and topics we’d like to be sure to ask each of our guests? We don’t have to keep to just the list, but then, if you’re not sure what to ask, you’ve got this to pull from. What do you think?

I’ll bring the Keurig and some tea bags, too. Should we bake? (I love to bake. Any excuse to bake. LOL)

I just realized, last night late, that the email we drafted together never made it to me, so I wrote another and sent it out today. I’ve heard from the following, so far:

  • 9/12: Brian Fehler, Gray Scott,
  • 9/19: Ashley Bender, Liam Lanigan

For next time:

  • Read McComiskey, Ch. 1-3 and Hayot, 1-3