Area 2, Part 3: Methodology Exploration Map + Description (due 10.31)

Using your experiences in the discipline (from past professional participation, past coursework, current coursework, the read-around assignment, etc.) and your draft of the Field/Forum/Audience Analysis, create a map or a series of maps, that:

  1. offers a representation of the various methodological positions within the area/field/subfield that you plan to engage and participate in as a scholar in your discipline
  2. situates those methodological positions in relation to some of the other factors you explored your Field/Forum/Audience analysis–relation of the area to the larger discipline, key forums and locations of participation in this area, principle figures, principle theories, margins/mainstream, values, etc.
  3. attempts to situate your scholarship (past, present, or projected) within this nexus of relations.

Again, if you intend for your scholarship to engage in more than one area, or imagine that it will take place at the intersection of one or more areas or disciplines, use this map as a way to visual represent the key elements of those engagements/intersections as best you can right now.

Keep in mind that this isn’t supposed to be a definitive statement of an area, or of your relationship to that area: it’s just a visual description of what the space looks like to you right now.

The purpose of this document is to provide an opportunity for you to “show” the imagined space in which you will “do” scholarship within the broader community that is your discipline. It also is meant to extend the situational work that we have been engaged in thus far and to provide a different medium, a different manner of representation, for that work to place place through and within.

This project is due to Blackboard by class time on 10/31. It is worth 5% of the final course grade.