Area 2, Part 2: Field-Forum-Audience Analysis (due 10/10)

Using your experiences in the disciplines of English and/or Rhetoric and Composition (either from the Read-around, current coursework, past coursework, or professional participation):

  1. Describe the areas/field/subfield that you plan to engage and participate in as a scholar in English and/or Rhetoric and Writing. In this description you should map the area/field/subfield and its relationship to the larger discipline (what is its genealogy? its history?); identify and characterize key forums and locations for this area/field/subfield (people, icons, journals, conferences, publications, e-lists, etc.); and,
  2. Analyze the audience for this area/field/subfield (who participates in this area/field/subfield? what positions, attitudes, and audience beliefs are assumed? what is considered “mainstream”? where are the “margins”? what theories, methodologies, and approaches are valued by this community?)
  3. Situate your own scholarship (past, present, or projected) in that area/field/subfield, making sure to think about how your scholarly work will address, engage, or attempt to change the people, positions, attitudes, beliefs, structure, and approaches described and analyzed above.

If you intend for your scholarship to engage in more than one area/field/subfield, or imagine that it will take place at the intersection of one or more areas/fields/subfields or disciplines, use this description as a way to map those intersections as best you can right now.

Remember, this isn’t supposed to be a definitive statement of an area/field/subfield, just a description from your current position.

The purpose of this document is to provide an opportunity for you to articulate and imagine a space in which you will do scholarship within the broader community of your discipline. It also serves as a context against which other pieces of the Professional Documents Portfolio can be read.

This project is due to Blackboard by class time on 10/10. It is worth 5% of the final course grade.

Complete this considering your academic area and academic work EVEN IF you want to find employment in alt-ac because *right now* you are working in academic spaces. You may “write a bridge” from this to your desired future, if you wish. (I probably would! it seem like thinking through how the experiences offered here will set you up for work there is a good thing!)