Area 2, Part 1: The Read-around (due 10/3)

The purpose of this project is to help familiarize you with scholarly journals and scholarly conversations related to the theory and pedagogy of electronic texts.

Consider your discipline, your research interests, and the area/field/subfields you want to engage in, and choose a journal. Then, select one year to read. Your job is to produce a report-style narrative that:

  • provides an overview of the whole collection, but focuses on  4-6 articles you read closely, paying careful attention to content (what’s being said, what methodology is being used, etc.), approach (how does the writer frame the project, situate the project in the field, articulate his/her methodology, assume a particular audience, etc.), and style;
  • situate(s) the article(s) in relation to the issue of the journal they came from (what else is in the TOC? What books are being reviewed? What kind of conferences are announced? Etc.); and,
  • makes notes of the stated goals/purpose of the journal itself.

This report will be due to Blackboard by class time on 10/3. It is worth 10% of the final course grade.

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