Final Portfolio

Mock Conference (plus final reminders)

Click here for the conference program!

I’ve set up a sort of informal conference program for you all. This includes each presenter’s proposal, as well as a link to the CFP they are responding to. (This will be important for context, as they are pretty much all different.)

We will take a brief break between each panel, which will give you time to refresh your coffee, chat with the authors, or explore our installation.

Thanks for joining us tonight! We really appreciate it.

Presentation feedback

I’d like to invite all attendees to provide some feedback for tonight’s presenters. There’s an online form set up to make this easy. Please grab a Surface, and navigate to it as we’re getting started.

Students, please:

  • Send me a link to your portfolio via Blackboard by midnight tonight.
    • If you are not comfortable posting your conference paper in an openly accessible online portfolio, please feel free to simply include your paper and presentation materials alongside the portfolio.
    • If you are setting your portfolio up as a private Google drive folder or similar, don’t forget to give me access to that.
  • Please take this survey, part of our study on the DCL, and its use and impact.

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