Final Portfolio

Final “exam” period stuff

I keep forgetting to give you all the notes re. the panel groups formed for tomorrow night. Here you go!

I honestly do not know if we will have an audience, other than each other (which is fine with me! I guess we will see.) Remember: keep it short, so you all have time (and we will have time to visit about your work, too).

The Blackboard dropbox for your work is open. If you have created a private google drive, just for you to archive things, that’s fine; just be sure to give me permission. If you have created an open site, but you are not comfortable putting your conference paper up on it, that’s okay; just include the conference paper and presentation materials separately in your upload to Blackboard. I’ll give you until midnight on the 12th to get everything uploaded there.

We will meet in our room, at the normal class time. See you then! (If you want to bring treats to share/make it feel like a party, feel free. I don’t think I’ll manage time to bake–sorry–but I’ll bring coffee!)


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