Conference Proposal

Sample Conference Papers

OK, so: I waited until I thought you probably had most of a draft out to share these recent conference papers by me, requested by you, because there really ISN’T one “right” way to do them. It varies according to speaker, audience/occasion, and topic. Here, though, are the last few conference “papers” I delivered. Note that one is actually a Pecha Kucha, not a paper at all, and another is more like a workshop. These do not represent every way I’ve ever done presentations, all the conferences I’ve been to, or all the topics I’ve worked on: it’s just what I happened to do the last few times. That said, I hope they are of help to you.

  • Computers and Writing Conference (CWCon) 2019: CFP | panel proposal
  • CRCon2018 (Cultural Rhetorics): CFP | panel proposal | paper | PPT
    • Note this is MUCH longer than usual. We had only two people in a panel built for 3, so I wound up absorbing some of what our absent co-presenter was going to speak on, to set up the next speaker. This ran about 25 minutes when delivered. Also, I got to the room and realized my “slide” notes were wrong, so I had to fix that by hand on my reading-copy.
  • ELLI 2018: proposal | paper | PPT 
    • I applied to be part of the Pecha Kucha session. As such, I had limitations on how I presented. (I really “shouldn’t” have written remarks, but I was very worried about making my points in only 20 seconds per slide.
  • Lilly Conference 2018: Presentation outline | Resources for attendees
    • Sessions at Lilly are more like workshops, or round tables; as such, we did not write a paper, but kind of planned our remarks. It is also expected that attendees will leave with resources. Some folks gave handouts; we set up a web page.
  • CRCon2016: proposal | paper

In class tomorrow night, we’ll talk conferences and conferencing, share drafts, and prepare for our conference night.

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