Annotated Bib, Area 3, Conference Proposal

Writing Workshop 11/14

I am out of town at the Cultural Rhetorics Conference at Michigan State University until late Sunday, November 18th. We will not, then, meet as a class this week OR next (due to the holiday)

11/14 tasks

Please use the time this week to complete your conference proposal, and the annotated bibliography you have been working on to support the development of that project. Upload these documents and the conference CFP (call for proposals) before midnight on Sunday, November 18th. This week, you are asked to read Hayot, Ch. 13-17.

11/21 tasks

Next week is Thanksgiving, so we won’t meet then either! (I know! Bad timing.) By the time we return on 11/28, you should: 1) complete reading Hayot (to end), and 2) generate as complete a draft as you can of your conference paper.

Please note: I intend to share my CRCon paper with you once it’s complete, in case that helps with the concerns addressed in our last class re. what conference papers “should” look like. I’ll post it here when it’s done. I might also dig up another couple, for other conference/audiences, because my way is just one way, and even mine look different depending on my topic and the conference. You should also look at conference proceedings, for more varied samples, and, perhaps, talk to folks about their presentations (particularly those for the conference or audience YOU are writing for).

For 11/28

Bring a complete draft of your conference paper for a peer review workshop!

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