Annotated Bib, Area 3, Class Plan, Conference Proposal, Final Portfolio

Research Statement, Social Media Use, and Workshopping!

Catching up: Interviews, Lacks Family visit


I’m not sure how much we’ll need to refer back to these tonight, but I wanted them handy, so:

Sharing Drafts: Research Statement

Let’s begin by seeing what you’ve done so far with research statements. Do you want to work in pairs, small groups, or as a class?

Social Media Use in the Academy

As part of our online class last week, you were asked to do some thinking/exploring on social media use in the academy. What did you find? (…should we add them to the resources page?) What do you think? What ideas do you have? What concerns do you have?

Workshop time!

Some options:

  • Do you need/want to workshop conference proposals?
  • Should we concentrate on research/writing (feeding into your annotated bib, due next week, and your conference paper?)
  • Do we want to explore professional portfolios?

One I’m thinking about for the near future

  • Some practice in public speaking. Do you want to practice delivering conference papers?

For next week

  • I will be at CRCon at MSU, so we will not be meeting. Your annotated bib + your conference proposal. (please include the CFP!) is due to Blackboard that week. Because I’ll be traveling, I’ll give you a bit of extra time on it: please post it by 11:59 pm on Sunday 11/18.


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