Annotated Bib, Area 3, Conference Proposal, Final Portfolio

Professional Documents (2:2)-ONLINE class

As discussed, we’ve moved tonight’s class online to give you some space to celebrate Halloween. Please find a few hours this week to engage in what we would otherwise have done together tonight, detailed below.

Generate a draft of your statement of research interests

This will be one of the items I want to see in your final portfolio (alongside your c.v. and conference paper). The purpose in having you write this is to try to articulate your research interests, goals, and plans for the next few years. (I know many of you plan to do alt-ac work after your degree. That’s fine. You’ll be doing research while you’re here, though, and presumably you want your research interests to connect to and inform the work you plan to do later, so this gives you a chance to map yourself from here to there.)

In working on this, please go back and make use of the readings/resources assigned for this week, linked below for your convenience. You might also do some googling and see if you can find samples from scholars you admire and/or scholars working in your interest areas.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to email me, or stop by this week. (I’ll be in the lab/CFO 104 on Friday from 9-12, then in the Professional Development workshop in CFO 129 from 1-3).

As you write this, remember what all you’ve already written! Your goals statement and the Field-Forum-Audience analysis should help with this. (If you get really stuck, you might find it generative to do a map, like the assignment we cut.)

Bring your draft with you next week so we can give you feedback!

Explore social media use in the academy

Based on our discussion the last few weeks, I thought we should talk about social media use as an academic. To that end, I gave you a few readings. The goal of them was to set up a conversation, and some exploration, this week. Please take some time to poke around and see how others are using social media for self-promotion, scholarship, and/or teaching. We can converse some here, or we can save them until we get back next week. I’m curious about your findings and your thoughts. (Would you all like to have a workshop setting up online portfolios next week? I’m happy to teach you how to use WordPress for this, and to suggest other possibilities, too. Let me know in the comments, okay?)

Work on your conference proposal/annotated bib

Bring the CFP and your conference proposal draft for feedback next week.

How is your research going? Are there questions regarding the annotated bib? Are you finding what you need? How can I/we help you?

For next time

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