Annotated Bib, Area 3, Class Plan, Conference Proposal, Research Proposal

Research Workshop

Continued discussion of Lacks, research ethics, and your findings.)

  • What articles did you find? What did you read and annotate?
  • What was it like sharing a document?
  • Did/how did this experience (reading this text, doing exploratory research) feed into your research proposal?
  • What did this experience highlight for you regarding your research, critical reading, and citation/annotation skills? What do you feel you do well? What do you want to keep working to get better at? (…and how can we help?)
  • Would you like to continue our conversation on research ethics? I gathered some foundational texts on research involving human subjects (below). These led to the creation of the modern IRB system. I’ve also linked you to TWU’s IRB.


Brainstorming workshop (re. your research proposal).

One of my favorite events is the Graduate Research Network at Computers and Writing. I’d like to round table explore your research proposals in the same sorts of ways one might at this event.

Branching off that, let’s consider how to develop the ideas you’ve pitched, and explore possible conferences.

For next time:

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