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Professional Self-Representation

Thinking about Conferences

In our “Area 3: On Research and Writing” assignment sequence, you are asked to develop a research proposal (due 10/17), a conference proposal (due 10/24), and an annotated bibliography (due 11/14, supporting a conference paper due in the final portfolio). To get us started thinking on this work, you were asked to do the following:

Let’s discuss your exploration of conference proceedings. (I’ve brought with me some sample conference programs for your perusal. Don’t let me forget to hand them around!)

Writing a Conference Proposal

What conferences did you find that you might be interested in? (Let’s play with creating a proposal for it!) Here’s the basic framework I was taught:

C.V. Workshop

One of the documents you will include in your final portfolio is your c.v. I wanted, then, to spend some time working on these together. Please put together a c.v. (or revise your existing c.v.). In the next week or so, I’ll open a dropbox so you can hand these in to me for feedback. Let’s walk through some samples (and resources) to help you with this process.

CV Samples

CV Resources

Sample Résumés:

Résumé Resources:

Considering Portfolios

Do you have a digital portfolio? Where? What’s its purpose? What is in it? How might you need to retool (or remake) it going forward?

Looking Ahead: Field-Forum-Audience Analysis

For next time:

  • Read from The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (How far should we read? We have two weeks to cover the whole thing. I’m thinking Parts I and II?)
  • As you read, consider: 1) What conversations might people in your field be having about this text? 2) How does it connect to your own interests?

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