Class Plan

Exploring the Field (2:2)

Special Guests!

Tonight, we are honored by several special guests: Drs. Barker, Lanigan, Busl, Bender, Brown, and Souris.

Let’s spend the first hour or so of class in conversation with them!

Discussion of readings

McComiskey, Ch. 4-6

  • What did you learn about the field?
  • What questions do you have?
  • What ideas do you have?
  • What resources can we find for each disciplinary area read about for tonight?
    • organizations
    • conferences
    • ?
    • Let’s add them to the resources page.

Booth, The Craft of Research, “From Topics to Questions” + “From Questions to a Problem” (Ch. 3 and 4)

Writing Assignment Workshop

Let’s talk a bit about the read-around. Have you made choices? Have you started? How may I help? What can we workshop tonight to help you with the read-around?

Do you want to explore the next one yet?

Prompts, Area 2: Getting to know the field

Planning for next time

Let’s go find some conference proceedings, online, for next week’s reading. (I have a few, but haven’t posted them yet. I’ll do so tonight!)

For next time

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