Class Plan

Introductions (You, Me, Us/This)

I’d like us to begin as we mean to continue: in conversation about your goals and the work it will take to achieve them.

Here’s our agenda, and some resources to get us started.

While we talk, I’m going to pass around the inescapable first day paperwork. 

Course Websites

We have a Blackboard. I tend to use it mostly for exchanging your writing projects and grades. What more we do with it is up to you.

We have a WordPress. I’ll use it to publish weekly plans, and to facilitate a two-way sharing (ideas, resources, stuff we happened to see we thought relevant to our work, etc.).

  • Would you like me to make you authors on our WordPress, so you can learn to use it (I’ve found it handy for conferences, workshops, teaching, and research projects) add things to the site yourself?
  • Would you like me to set the WordPress as private? This would require you to get a free account and log in (this might even be a second log in if you go to Blackboard first) but it’s not a big deal. I want you to feel safe in your discussions here, but I also want to expose you to as many writing tools as I can. Let’s find the balance together.

Exploring our Syllabus & Assignments


  • Talk to us about your motivations/goals, and your needs/worries, as you start graduate school. (Do you want to do this in pairs or small groups before we talk as one, or just go straight to whole class discussion?)
  • Now, let’s locate resources to help address the above. I’ve left space in the syllabus for us to work in more of this as we go.
    • One thing that always helps me feel more secure is understanding what I am “supposed” to be doing. So, what did you learn in orientation last weekend? Where does the handbook point you? Where does all this break down and leave you wondering?

Your First Assignment

(Degree plan + goals statement, due to Blackboard by class time next week)

Collaborative Course Planning

I want to help you learn more about ESFL (and maybe MWGS?) faculty, as well as the work we do. I’ve left some time in our schedule to have folks drop in for a visit (as we are reading about the field). Would you help me do the inviting?

  • Who should we invite when? Or would you rather have them all at once?

What else would you. like to learn (and read) about this term?

  •  An example: I’ve skipped the chapter in Hayot on dissertations for now, BUT we could add it at the end, and perhaps invite some folks from the CRDA, and the Graduate school (there are some ladies working on electronic dissertations and theses, for example) to help you start thinking about this?

For next time:

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